Q 1- What is Makemyshift?


Ans- Makemyshift is an online aggregator for the packers and movers or relocation service providers. On our portal customers can list their house hold goods and our pre screened movers quote on their shifting requirement. Customers can select the best suitable relocation service provider for their home relocation based on the price and previous feedback.



Q 2- Do I need to get insurance even if I am hiring professional packers and movers service?


Ans- Our opinion, yes. Insurance is needed so that you can avoid to incur the losses in case of any misshaping due to unforeseen factors like accidents, fire, flood, earthquake, riots etc that can result in damages to the goods during transit.



Q 3- insurance coverage is based on what?


Ans- Insurance coverage is based on the declared value of your household goods at the time of listing/loading.



Q 4- What are my responsibilities during the moving/Relocation process?


Ans- You only need to provide us the relevant documents of your transfer (i.e.- Transfer letter/Joining letter/ RC Papers etc.)



Q 5- What kind of vehicles would be used to transport my House hold goods?


Ans- Sealed, weather proof carriers which are specially designed for house hold goods transfer will be used for transport of your goods.



Q 6- How long it will take to pack my HH goods?


Ans- Usually one room take 2 hrs to pack and complete time depend on the size of your home.



Q 7- Anything which is prohibited during the transportation?


Ans- Anything which is unlawful to posses according to Indian laws is prohibited. Pets, inflammable etc are also not allowed to transport with household goods in the carrier.



Q 8- Do you also offer vehicle transfer?


Ans- Yes, We do so. You can do it through by road or through carrier.



Q 9- Can I get the quotation for my House hold Transfer?


Ans- Yes, you can. Once you complete the process of listing house hold items on our portal. Movers start quoting price for your relocation. You can download and print the quotation from your dashboard.



Q 10- When will be the delivery of my goods?


Ans- The time will also be quoted by the vendors at the time of placing quote on your shafting’s. The days will be counted from the date of loading.



 Q 11- What if I wish to get my house hold goods /car loaded in my presence? Is it possible?


Ans. Yes, Makemyshift respect the client and his belongings. Our vendors can load the car/House hold goods in your presence at your home and similarly can deliver the same at your new home.



Q 12- How would I believe we will get satisfactory services at Makemyshift?


Ans- Makemyshift is a well established PAN India company, having +20 pre-screened, verified vendors through the stringent process of screening. Our vendor has around 300 plus offices at key locations and cities. The vendors are equipped with modern, weather proof transport carriers, relocation equipments and well trained handling crew at all the key locations. We follow stringent safety measures and have proper means, technique and know how to handle almost every critical situation or things from a tiny needle to heavy household items. Our prime focus is the world class services and high satisfaction of our customers across India.



Q 13- How many days’ prior notice Makemyshift needs to make survey of goods to be shifted?


Ans- We at Makemyshift expect at least 3 days prior notice for making survey of your goods. Since we work following our well designed SOP with specialized crew, at times we may be busy in other assignments. But rest assured all our customers are VIP to us and we treat each accordingly.



Q 14- I need status report of my shipment on daily basis. Can it be provided?


Ans- We at Makemyshift track all the consignments as per our standard operating procedure and our customer support department will provide all the transit/tracking related information to you on a phone call.  You may call us anytime at-+91-9785182663



Q 15- Though I prefer to engage M/s Makemyshift for shipment of my goods, but am told their rates are too high. Is it correct and if so, why?


Ans- Not at all. Our rates are very much reasonable and competitive. In fact our vendors compete each other on price and services to get the job and they complete it with high standards customer satisfaction to get positive rating from the customers.



Q 16- In case there is damage to the goods under transit, what kinds of settlement/procedures are followed by Makemyshift?


Ans- Makemyshift and its vendors follow all safety measures to avoid any kind of damage to your belongings. However, in case of any unpredictable misshaping, we ensure our clients fast settlement of their claims from the insurance company.



 Q 17- What kind of arrangements M/s Makemyshift have for shifting goods to international Locations?


Ans- Sorry! As of now we don’t have any shifting arrangements internationally.



Q 18- Can you hold the consignment at destination for quite some time (i.e.-a week or so), if so what are the charges?


Ans- Yes, we can do this. The visiting officer will address the questions.