Terms & Conditions

By using this portal, you are here by agree that you are accepting the terms and conditions here in provided and you shall be bounded by that.


1. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, then you should click on not agree button and immediately cease to use “Make My Shift” portal or else “Make my Shift” or its representative would not be liable for any liability which arises beyond the jurisdiction of these Terms and Conditions.


2. These terms and conditions are applicable to all the users of “Make My Shift” including their representatives who receives or suppose to receive any free or paid services on this web portal.


3. This acceptance constitutes an agreement as entered between “Make My Shift” including its representatives or service providers as on the first part and Customer including their representatives as on the second part.


4. The www.makemyshift.com online portal is hereby designed by the “Make My Shift” to provide online listing and advertisement of packing and moving services or shifting services of its vendors who are its registered members for the use of users of this online portal to make shifting services easily approachable to them.


5. The packers and movers services here in provided on this portal shall be exclusively provided by the registered vendors of “Make My Shift”.


6. The “Make My Shift” shall not be responsible or liable for any of the services here in provided by the vendors and it shall also be not liable or answerable for any suit, compensation or any other litigation due to any deficiency of services provided by the vendor or any of his representatives.


7. The services here in provided shall be provided by the vendors on the price consideration which is being offered by them on this portal and on the same terms and conditions which is being provided In the advertisement, listing or offer.


8. The Vendors will try to perform this agreement within the time limit provided by them on the offer, listing or advertisement but there can be reasonable delay and which can be justified without any compensation or claim.


9. That the time for delivery will be considered as starts from the date on which goods were loaded in the vehicle of our service provider, at origin palace.


  10. The “Make My Shift” shall not be answerable or liable for any claim or compensation for any delay in performance of this agreement on any justified or unjustified ground.


11. All the vendors registered on this portal are only certified and verified service providers who are already being scrutinize by Make My Shift for their timely and quality services and are also possess all the legal documents and compliances required to provide services here in agreed to provide.


12. Although “Make My Shift” provides best quality services and it is highly reputed name for providing timely and safe services, It is highly advisable by us to use Insurance services along with the packing and moving services or any service provided on this portal as “Make My Shift” shall not be liable or even answerable for any claim or compensation due to any loss, theftor damage of goods of the users with or without insurance.


13. The registered Vendors shall himself be answerable to the any such loss, damage or theft of goods and his liability shall in any case does not exceed to the depreciated value of such goods or services which is being disclosed by the users and the same shall be declared value by the Vendor at the time of taking the possession of the goods. Any such claim or proceeding by the user shall only be maintainable in case of any deficiency in services intentionally caused or which may be avoidable by a prudent man In the ordinary way of life.


14. We does not transport or even accept any Precious, Inhabitants, antiques, unlawful goods or prohibited goods which are prohibited or restricted to hold, carry or transport or any living being including any Pet, animal or bird or any other like item.


15. That In case customer knowingly or unknowingly provides any restricted goods, which are here in restricted, the same shall be liable to be forfeited by Make My Shift and it shall not be responsible for any claim of such goods or even not answerable to any proceedings including criminal proceedings in any of such matter.


16. That if any unlawful or prohibited goods being found in the goods of user, the user shall exclusively be answerable to prove identity of such goods and shall also be answerable for any proceedings including criminal proceedings for possession of such goods.


17. That any dispute regarding services here in provided shall be first tried to settle mutually by all the parties of the dispute or through any conciliator.


18. That any dispute regarding this agreement or any other terms and conditions of this agreement if not settled mutually than shall be settled by sole arbitrator Mr. Rahul Fatehpuria who is part of i-Legal “Corporate, Legal & Tax” Consultants appointed through the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation act 1996 or by any other arbitrator appointed by both the parties as mutually agreed.


19. The arbitrator or panel of arbitrators here in appointed shall not be biased to any party and shall work independently without there any personal interest.


20. That the customer shall be responsible to provide copy of all the legal documents required for transport the goods (Listed as follows) -  Certificate of possession of goods - Declaration for transfer of goods - In case of vehicle Registration certificate and Insurance poicy